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Strange Uncles S4E1; “Interview with American Madness Author Tea Krulos”

October 15, 2020

  Finally!  Thanks so much for the patience Strangers....We are back from our break, and are ready to shove more content down your proverbial throat holes.  This is the first episode to kick off Season 4, and in our humble opinion, its a doozy for sure.  I (Shane), spent various emails back & forth trying to line up an author by the name of Tea Krulos.  John first discovered him, and then Josh read it, than I read it, and for what its worth, if you have never listened to our advice before, please do so now:  "American madness" by Tea Krulos is probably one of the best books we have read in a while.  All about the Rabbit holes of Conspiracies, and the bulk of the book centers around a man who reached out to him years ago, and the story is nothing but wild.  Highly recommended, and hope everyone loves the Episode as much as we loved having Tea on!

Get Teas book here:   

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