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Strange Uncles S2E24; SU News: “Starlink, Spaceforce & Chinese Military Edition”

Welcome everyone to Strange Uncles December Fortean News edition.  In this news edition, we talk about can a simulation explain ghost? Space force, milky way news and the Navy flipflopping of tic tac, plus much more! Open the Gates..

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Strange Uncles S2E23; “Time Travel and dimensional slip talk”

Welcome everyone to another Strange Uncles!  On this episode, we try and get somewhat serious and discuss the possibility of Time Travel.  Can it be done?  The movies are one thing, but what about looking into Time Travel on a Physical, or even Quantum level?  Is it possible we have dimensional time slips happening around us at different times that may explain the existence of Ghosts, or people stepping into another timeline?  We ask these questions and more, on Strange Uncles, Episode 23.  Open the gates..

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Strange Uncles S2E22; “The Bridgewater Triangle”

     Welcome everyone to the world of Strange Uncles.  On this episode, we unravel the history and odd happenings of the Bridgewater Triangle.  The Bridgewater triangle is a 200 square mile area in Massachusetts, that for centuries has been known for just about everything under the High strangeness umbrella.  Cryptids, UFO sightings, spook lights, ghosts...and even Satanic cuts and real life murderers.  This area has it all, but why?  Is it due too the bloody past of a war between the local Natives and the Colonists?  or is it just simply an area in this world where the line between vortex's or the spirit world is just a little thinner?  Find out all the encounters and strangeness this area has offered over the years, and continues to make a name for itself.  Ladies and Gentleman, we give you, "The Bridgewater Triangle"...Open the Gates.

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Strange Uncles S2E21; “The infamous DARPA”

Welcome everyone to Strange Uncles.  Join us as we wrap up our two part conspiracy episodes with DARPA.  Some of you  may have never heard of this government organization, but just to enlighten, most of the technology that we use everyday:  Cell phones, internet, the microwave, even the computer mouse...all came from DARPA.  Is it just a group to help us advance, or is their more nefarious agenda's at work?  Find out as we uncover the history, the inventions, and the future...of DARPA Open the Gates.

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Strange Uncles S2E20; “The Infamous HAARP”

Welcome everyone to another episode of Strange Uncles.  On this weeks episode, we three decide to dig deep into the history, function, and conspiracy theories of HAARP.  Is it simply a giant frequency apparatus that helps us study the Ionosphere?  Or is there more to it?  Why did other countries decide to build similar projects? Why is it so remotely located?  Can there be a chance it controls, weather, and our minds?  Find out as John, Josh and Shane jump down the Rabbit hole of the "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  Open the Gates..

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Strange uncles S2E19; SU News: “Our strange universe and Witch jugs edition”

Welcome everybody to our monthly "High Strangeness" news episode.  John, Shane and Josh unravel all the recent news for October, recap Halloween, and shake our heads at the absurdity of some of it.  Open the gates...

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Strange Uncles S2E18; “The works of John A. Keel”

Welcome one and all to Season 2, Episode 18.  On this one we discuss the life and times of infamous Fortean John Alva Keel.  A man who most of us in the "High Strangeness" field owe a debt of gratitude too.  He was an amazing researcher, who is best known for his investigation and studies into the Moth man event that occurred in West Virginia during the times of 1966-67...However, his fame does not end there.  He was a world traveler, researcher, Veteran, author of over 10 books, which include the most popular ones being "Operation Trojan Horse", "The Moth Man Prophesies", and "The eighth Tower".  He has been most credited for his theory of "Super spectrum" which discusses alternate dimensions occurring within our own, along with a slew of ideas, coined phrases we still use today, and all around, a man that we here at Strange Uncles, strive to be.  John did most of the research on this one, and the facts mentioned above in regards to Keel's work is just the tip of the iceberg.  Tune in and listen to everything else we cover on this amazing human being.   Open the Gates... 

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Strange Uncles Presents: Interview with Connie West; “After Storm Area 51″

Welcome to a special news interview from Strange Uncles.  We were lucky enough to catch back up with Connie West, the owner of little A'Le' Inn.  If you listeners remember, we had her on a month or so prior to the "Storm Area 51" event, which mutated into what we saw unfold a few weeks ago. Despite all involved, Connie came on to share what she thought of the event, where things are at now, and possibly, the future.   Please enjoy.  Open the Gates...

*PLEASE EVERYONE!!  Connie is throwing a Halloween party at her place!  If you are anywhere near LA, Vegas, or Salt Lake City, please go support her.....Consider it a favor to not only us, but to her and other small business's like hers..  Call little A'Le'Inn at (775)729-2515, or find their website at the Gates...

Strange Uncles S2E17; “All Hallows Eve 2019″

Come one, come all to another Strange Uncles Episode.  On this one, we wanted to celebrate All Hallows Eve 2019 the proper way, and that means discussing a plethora of Halloween related subjects. 

*John kick us off with Hallows Eve facts and statistics.  Just how does this night affect crime, debauchery, etc.? 

*Than we have a great call-in from a long time listener, where she unravels a strange ghost story/dreams,  direct from her family.

*Shane and Josh kick off with several actual "true Crime" scenarios that actually occurred on, or near Halloween from our American history. 

*Last but not least, we wrap it up with a fun little segment called "Fact or Bullshit", where Shane reads several stories to John and Josh, and they decide which ones are real?  And which ones are Bullshit.  All in the day and life of Strange Uncles...

*Open the gates...

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Strange Uncles S2E16; “Season of the Witch”

Welcome ghouls and ghosts to another Strange Uncles episode.  On this one, we fall down the Rabbit hole of the History of Witches...A long and sordid history that even pre-dates the bible.  Josh covers the early Roman/Greece history, I fill in 18th century European and modern America, and John weaves a few stories directly from Icelandic lore, where he visited the Witch museum in Iceland during his trip.  A fun-filled episode that ties in perfectly for the Holidays...Open the Gates..

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