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Strange Uncles S6E28; ”Shadow People w/ Mike Ricksecker”

-Hey Strangers! So we have been scheduling this one for awhile. Mike Ricksecker is one of the top most researchers in regards to Shadow people, or inter-dimensional beings. He has been on numerous networks, has written over 8 books, and one of his latest, "A Walk in the Shadows: A Complete Guide to Shadow People", is noted as one of the top books on the Shadow People subject. Join us as we discuss the phenomenon, as well as the mysterious Alaska Triangle, what draws energy to it, and touch on a case or too that is truly amazing in what Mike has encountered. Open the Gates...
Find Mike at the following:
"A Walk in the Shadows: A Complete Guide to Shadow People"
His latest Docu-series:
Online Courses:
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Strange Uncles S6E27; ”The Axe Man of New Orleans”

Hey Strangers! So we usually don't do content of this nature, but every now and again we take the dive. This episode was actually a request from a fellow Patreon (Thanks Mitchell), and finally got caught-up to research, and hopefully do it some justice. This story is over a hundred years old, but it is truly odd. Some facts have been muddled over time, but the events that occurred were odd to say the least, as an axe wielding maniac haunted the streets on New Orleans in 1918. Add the whole "You better play Jazz or you will die" into the mix, plus some strange inside stories with the victims themselves, you have a perfect cocktail of just weird. So join us as we discuss the Axe Man of New Orleans....Open the Gates..

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Strange Uncles S6E26: SU News; ”Spy Stuff & Gas Lifeform Edition”

Welcome everyone to our monthly Fortean news episode. On this one, we cover the finally found identity of the infamous Somerlin man, discuss different types of life that scientists think they discovered, spy stuff possibly? And a slew of other notable news. Open the Gates...

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Strange Uncles S6E25; ”Memory Erasing: Science Fiction or Fun Times?”

Hello Strangers. So this one is a little different, not so much creepy cryptid, ghosts or UFO stuff, but more intellectual...If you will. So we stumbled on a short article about Memory Erasing. What sounded like pure science fiction, actually had some validity too it once we dived into it. So join us as we cover the topic of how the human mind works, as far as we currently know, and the tests/research involved to try and wipe memory, even some experiments that went as far as placing fake memories in the brain, then erasing them. Not sure why on that one, but its an interesting rabbit hole to fall down for sure. Enjoy! Open the Gates..

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Strange Uncles S6E24: ”The Voynich Manuscript”

Hey Strangers! Join us on this episode as we discuss the infamous book, or codex if you will, that no one has been able to decipher....So Far. We break down the Voynich Manuscript, and honestly, the history of who actually owned the book and the story of its discovery in the early 20th century, after being lost in history for some 245 years, is just as fascinating as the codex itself. so walk w/ us as we discuss its history, its content, and researchers that have tried in vain since its conception, possibly as early as the 1400's, to learn and decipher it's secrets. Open the Gates..

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Strange Uncles S6E23; ”The Montauk Project”

Wow, this one is a doozy. So we have been wanting to cover this for awhile, and it is truly one of the top weird, conspiracies stories that is currently out there. Whether you believe a portion of it, or all of it, it's still a fun ride as this strange story unfolds. What actually occurred at Camp Hero in Montauk NY? in the 70's & 80's? Teleportation? Time travel? Beasts conjured from the mind? We say it's a all bullshit, but never the less, join us as we walk through this lighthearted episode to discuss...The Montauk Project. Open the Gates.

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Strange Uncles S6E22: SU News; ”Elephants Never Forget and Moon Stuff Edition”

Were back! We'll, kinda. So for those who may have not caught the earlier messages, John has decided to step away from the show w/ no ill will at all, just a shift in life's priorities, and we love him no matter what. So Josh and I will pick-up the baton, maybe throwing a few guest host's in the mix every now and again. In the meantime, we finally got work shit taken care of, and found time to dip our toes into the proverbial News well. So join us as we pick-up July Fortean news, where we cover tattoos being preserved forever, pissed off elephants, Moon base news, and how we are possibly bio luminescent? And more! Good to be back, and we hope you join us on the trail as we continue down the Hight Strangeness road. Open the Gates.

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Strange Uncles S6E21: Replay; ”The Fortean Society”

Hey folks! Sorry but the world caught up w/ us. Due to real life stuff, we did not have a chance to record this week, so instead, we give you a SU Replay. If nothing else, its kinda fun to listen back to a time when we were still working out some bugs in the Podcast. On this one we talk about the "Fortean Society". Consider them the very first "Ghostbusters" if you will. Enjoy!

Strange Uncles S6E20; ”We Give You…Poltergeists”

Hey Strangers! So we decided to get back to the spooky side a bit and agreed to dig deep into Poltergeist Hauntings! Sounds fun I know, but we put a little bit of a spin on everything and make it somewhat lighthearted. We break down the history, definitions & categories of what a Poltergeist Haunting can be, and then delve into the more Psychological or mental aspect of it all, as we cover two different cases in history, almost 100 years apart. Oh, and poke a little fun as we go. Enjoy!  Open the Gates...

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Strange Uncles S6E19; ”Talking Haunted Locations w/ Amanda from Spook Eats”

Welcomer Strangers! So we had Amanda on before, but as ironic as it sounds, last time we had her on, Salt Lake had just gone through their 5.8 earthquake, and following soon after was the pandemic we didn't see coming. With all the things that have occurred, it was amazing to discuss where we all are at currently, what she has been working on, and how we all are trying to get back to normal. A fantastic convo w/ a true friend from the podcast, it was great catching up w/ Amanda, especially the help she has provided to support the fucking awful and not needed Buffalo, NY shooting. Open the Gates...
*Want to help support the families left devastated after the Buffalo Shooting? You can help Amanda & get a cool book where 100% of the proceeds go to the families. Thanks Amanda for being fucking awesome & thinking about your fellow humans, which WE ALL should do.
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