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Strange Uncles S2E15; SU News: “Cow foreplay and Mars is talking Edition”

Welcome one and all to Strange Uncles.  On this news edition, we cover everything that is happening in the world of High Strangeness for the Month of October. Open the Gates..

*Glowing lights off the coast of North Carolina:

*Cattle Mutilations in Oregon:

*Bob Lazar releases book:

*Bill Murray keeps a party safe from the cops:

*New Conference called "Hereticon":

*Mars Earthquakes recorded:

We also read a letter from a listener, and discuss a picture that was sent in to Shane from a co-worker...weird light formations in the sky that are hard to explain.  We have it on Instagram and twitter, check it out!  We want your feedback.

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Strange Uncles S2E14; “Haunted Sea’s and the Infamous Queen Mary Visit”

Welcome everyone to Haunted October!  Because we love Halloween as much as we do, every episode we release in October will have something to do with the Macabre.  On episode 14, we catch back up with John's trip to Iceland, some quick news, and roll into my adventure I had a month or so ago on the infamous haunted Queen Mary.  47 deaths in total during her lifetime, and after staying the night on her, I can safely say that there could be something to the stories of the ghosts that have been, and continue to be seen onboard.  Open the Gates...

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Strange Uncles S2E13; “Skinwalker Ranch w/Cold Research Team Part 2″

     Welcome to Part two of our Skinwalker Ranch adventure.  In part one, we covered some brief history of the Ranch, the Area, and a previous trip from last year.  On this episode, we begin to go down the rabbit hole of even more High Strangeness.  From lights in the sky, to disappearing equipment, and we even throw in a spirit box session.   Plenty of weirdness to be had....Open the Gates.

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Strange Uncles S2E12; “Skinwalker Ranch w/Cold Research Team Part 1″

     Welcome everyone to an epic two part subject, where we took an adventure up to the Utah Uinta basin to research "SkinWalker Ranch".  Many of you that do not reside in the Utah/Colorado/Nevada region, may not know that this place even exists, but believe us when we say it does. We were joined by another group known as "Cold Research Team", who took a trip up to that area last year, and came back with compelling footage to say the least.  This year, all 5 of us joined forces to study and watch the Skinwalker area, as close as we could get, and here in this two part Podcast, is our story.  Open the Gates..

*You can find the Cold Research Team on Instagram @coldresearchteam, or on Facebook Cold research team.  Find there up and coming podcast, "Lights, Lies, and Lizardman", at  Guys, it was awesome to team up!  Cant wait to do it again! 

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Strange Uncles S2E11; SU News: Storm Area 51 unraveling edition

Welcome to the 2nd edition of SU News. In this news edition we cover the unraveling of the Storm Area 51 event, the Navy covering their ass with UFO news, and some spooky Hollywood tidbits, along with other news of the High Strangeness for September 2019.  Open the Gates..

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Strange Uncles S2E10; “Haunted Park Adventure w/ OMPI”

     As we continue to edit our epic 2 part Skin Walker Ranch investigation, we give you this episode to nibble on.  Shane was joined by Mike and Jenn Pardue from "Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators", to explore some haunted folklore about a horrible bloody battle that occurred over a century ago, about an hour away from Salt Lake City.  There was no reason the slaughter had to happen, but it did, and legend has it the spirits of the fallen warriors continue to lurk and haunt the area.  Thanks OMPI for being great tour guides, as well as fantastic haunted historians!  Open the gates...

*You can find O.M.P.I. at their website at, where they have extensive knowledge in the paranormal, and can offer services to anyone within the greater Utah, Nevada, Ariazona,Idaho or Colorado areas.

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Strange Uncles S2E9; “Climate Change discussion with Tori”

Open the Gates to another Strange Uncles Episode.  On Episode 9 of Season 2, we bring in Tori, who has a degree in Environmental Sustainability and Anthropology.  Climate Change is real folks, no matter what side or group tries to spin it to say its not.  Also, is the infamous Agenda 21 have any links to where we are going in the future in regards to the Climate?  Is there money to be made and a bigger, darker, sinister picture that we don't see?   Thanks Tori for your passion in the subject and your time!

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Close the Gates...

Strange Uncles S2E8; “A very real haunted house story from Utah”

    Welcome to Strange Uncles.  We had the pleasure of having Skylar on the podcast, who took the time to tell a very real, personal haunting that he experienced in a house in Bountiful, UT.  It was amazing that he is a close friend to both Josh and John, but I knew him too from work! But even more amazing, is his story.... Very surreal, and I truly hope he was comfortable telling his story for the first time to the public.   Thank you man....Open the gates..

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Strange Uncles S2E7; SU news: Blind dogs and Ancient Vampire edition

Welcome everyone to the first SU news...So it occurred to us that we are constantly behind in the Paranormal news.  Always something happening, it seems like a never-ending rotation of weird.  So, once a month, look forward to a "strictly news" episode,  where we dive a little deeper into the everchanging world of High Strangeness...on this one we cover the latest of Storm Area 51, Cosmic weirdness, Ancient Vampires, and the list goes on...Open the gates..

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Strange Uncles S2E6; “One giant leap for moon facts Part 2″

Open the Gates!  To another Strange Uncles episode.  On Episode 6, we discuss Aliester Crowley's weird Mansion, and wrap up our talk about the Moon Landing, diving a little more in detail in regards to people, conspiracy theories and where we stand today.  Close the Gates...

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