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Strange Uncles S1E15; “UFO conversations run amuck with author Michael P. Masters”

June 2, 2019

Welcome to Strange Uncles episode 32.....I had the pleasure on this episode to interview a one Michael P. Masters, a Biological Anthropology Professor who teaches at Montana Tech in Butte Mt.  He has recently written a book entitled "Identified Flying Objects:  A Multidisciplinary Scientific approach to the UFO Phenomenon"...A very interesting theory about the possible evolution of man.  Also, I bring in John Finnigan, a friend of mine that shares in the love of all things High Strangeness.  Fun episode, chock full of UFO conversation...Open the gates!

*You can find Michael P. Masters and his book at, or follow him on twitter @morphotime.  Again, thank you Michael for the time and the great conversation.  Hopefully I will bump into you again somewhere in time. 

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