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Strange Uncles S1E2; ” Dreams”, introducing OMPI

January 6, 2019

Welcome everyone to another Strange Uncles episode.  This on is a little unique.  We had an interview a few months ago with Mike, John and Jennifer Pardue who run the "Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators".   We decided to get specific on the ever expanding world of the Supernatural, and focus on one topic: Dreams. Dreams have always fascinated us, and we discuss different beliefs, theories, and share some of our own.   Open the Gates..

*Big thank you to Mike, John and Jennifer Pardue from the Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators.  Always fun getting together to discuss this crazy world we live in. You can follow their exploits or ask for assistance in something you may think is paranormal at 

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*Open the Gates*