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Strange Uncles Episode 18; “The Fear of Fear”

October 14, 2018

Welcome everyone to our second Halloween orientated episode.  Last ep we covered scary movies...on this one, Josefina and I dive into the "Fear of Fear"...what does scare us?  and how does it affect us mentally and physically?  We also have a quick segment called Campfire Tales, along with the first half of the interview with the "Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators".  Great stuff, and great for Mike and Jennifer to share their Home, Knowledge, and research.  A very grateful "thank you"....Open the gates!

*You can look into the Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators at, and find the vast amount of research and cases they have performed.  Or, if you sense there is something that cannot be explained, and you live in or near Colorado, Utah, Nevada, or Idaho, they can help.