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Strange Uncles Episode 4; “You all’s are a bunch of Freaks”

April 27, 2018

Yet again we come together to bring you an action packed episode.  We cover part two of the Circus, this time delving deep into actual killer clowns and stepping over into for the whole family. Reach out by email at  Let us know things you wish you could hear, or better yet, follow us @strangeuncles on twitter.

*Our website is up and running folks! Not only do we have our most recent podcast, but if you venture over to the Toy Box section, you'll find write ups, pictures, and audio that you can't find on the pod.  The newest adventure is "Dugway proving ground' installation in the middle of the god forsaken Utah desert.  Not only secret Army stuff, but rumor has it, the new "area 51".    cheers~!