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Strange Uncles S1E4; “High Strangeness Talk with author Eric Bickernicks”

February 3, 2019

Welcome ghouls and ghosts to another episode of Strange Uncles.  On episode 26, we talk about anomalies like bigfoot, as well as other "High Strangeness" topics.  Speaking of High Strangeness, we interview Eric Bickernicks, who is the author of a Fiction novel named "High Strangeness".  Great guy, and full of insight.  Enjoy!

*Eric Bickernicks is a writer, producer, and director residing in Massachusetts. He has several novels, namely the new novel "High Strangeness", as well as his first book "Artifice".  You can email Eric directly at, or follow him on twitter @bickernicks.  Check out his websites ", as well as

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